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MAP is an exclusive global partnership of leading independent merger and acquisition advisory firms. Since its founding in 1973, IMAP has proved itself to be an international benchmark in M&A and consistently ranks amongst the Top 10 mid-market M&A advisories worldwide per Thomson Reuters global M&A Ratings.

IMAP is shifting towards to a more integrated operating structure through systematic business practices that support the ability to serve its clients. Today, IMAP operates as a global operation with a professional staff and a large team of committed global transaction advisors. For almost 40 years of service, IMAP colleagues have worked together to successfully complete thousands of transactions.

* Currently, IMAP is comprised of 40 firms located in more than 35 countries.

IMAP members are among the top firms in their respective markets and are mid-market M&A. These firms are represented by more than 400 experienced advisors and analysts and share common values and principles, reinforced by rigorous standards and qualifications to ensure maximum service quality and best results.

* For more information please visit www.imap.com

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6A El Sebak st.,Merryland,Heliopolis Cairo, Egypt
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